Cathedral School Llandaff

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Bookings Open

Thursday, junior YOGA (all years)

CSL Junior Yoga (11 Weeks)

  • Junior: Year 3,4,5 & 6

  • Limited Spaces

  • Reserve Space with Deposit

  • Collection 4:40 pm at Memorial Hall

  • Starts Thursday 28th April 2022



Motor Skill Development -  Children explore body movements and build spatial awareness through yoga. Yoga develops motor skills by giving students ample opportunities to practice movement, balance, and hand-eye coordination.

Emotions - Yoga teaches self-awareness, self-regulation, and stress reduction. Students learn how to respond reflectively rather than reactively to life’s challenges. Yoga also nurtures emotional intelligence as students learn to consult their intuition when faced with complex life situations.

Stress - Yoga relaxation gives students the opportunity to unwind and release their stress. Students learn many stress management techniques and choose the ones that work best for them.

Creativity - A highly desirable skill, creativity is a marker of success in the modern workforce. Creativity is a natural part of learning that is directly related to innovation. Yoga postures, discussions, worksheets, and stories engage children’s imaginations.

What's included?

  • Yoga Poses

  • Breathing/Relaxation Exercises

  • Partner Yoga Poses & Games

  • Yoga Worksheets 

  • Termly Progress Report 

  • NEW Snack Bag (Drink, Snack & Fruit) - OPTIONAL ADDON

"Following Jay's success with our Senior pupils, we were delighted when Jay shared our interest in bringing yoga into the Primary. Jay has worked with our pupils from Years 4 to 6; all of whom thoroughly enjoy their weekly sessions. Jay creates a fantastically calm atmosphere and really brings the best out of the pupils. The sessions look to develop mindfulness and wellbeing, achieving this through engaging activities that are accessible for all pupils. Asking Jay to come and work with our Primary pupils has been a huge success and I cannot thank him enough for what he has accomplished in such a short space of time. Jay loves what he does and this comes through in each and every session."​

Mr. C Morgan
Assistant Head (Key Stage 2)