Project NamasJay

Project NamasJay is a social project that benefits children and young people with free access to Yoga and Meditation, funded by NamasJay. Project NamasJay has been running since 2016 and is open to support communities, schools, and organizations from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Funded Solely By NamasJay

Each month a percentage of NamasJay revenue goes towards Project NamasJay, which goes toward the costs of free sessions and any additional costs relating to Project NamasJay.

Free Yoga & Meditation 

The goal of Project NamasJay is to provide free Yoga or Meditation sessions to children and young people who experience mental health difficulties, low confidence, poor social skills, and who may be from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Some of Our Work

In 2018 Project NamasJay supported Young Carers with free Yoga Sessions. 

More Information

Contact us if you would like to know more information about Project NamasJay.