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The Accelerator Programme: Part 2

Updated: Sep 18, 2020


I have started a sports psychology business called I Think Sport. I met Jay from NamasJay through Simply Do Ideas business mentoring program at Cardiff Metropolitan University along with three other entrepreneurs who were great to work alongside with, who had completely different businesses.

We were all ultimately in the same boat. Just starting out and finding our way with developing new business. My background has been in sports development so this is a change in direction for me, but it’s an exciting one! During the mentoring program, I took advantage of trying out yoga with Jay and doing a long bike ride from Wales to the French Alps.

I never tried yoga before, but Jay is a fantastic instructor and took me through a practice that was easy to pick up and understand. I also tried meditating with Jay while he was developing his business and it was enlightening! I've always been a bit sceptical about meditating, but it was so relaxing! I would recommend it. Now that the mentoring program is over, we are all off developing our businesses. We continue to keep in touch with each other. It has been great progressing through this time and rewarding to see everyone develop their ideas and move things forward.

Ali Mahoney

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