Staff Discounts

All staff members at CSL can recieve the following discounts on Private Yoga/Pilates Sessions and Sports Massage Treatments. 

20% Off First Session(s)/Treatment(s)

10% Off Future Bookings

CODE: cslstaff



Yoga, Pilates & Sports Massage Treatment

20% OFF First Session(s)/Treatment(s), Code: CSLSTAFF

10% Off Future Bookings

One Session


Per Session


Five Sessions


Per Session

20% OFF


How do I use the CSL staff discount?

At the checkout, use the code "CSLSTAFF" to receive 20% off your first session/block. This discount can be used on your first indivual session or your first block of sessions. For future bookings discounts (10% Off), before booking, email hello@namasjay.co.uk to receive a discount code.

Where does a private session/treatment take place?

Private sessions usually take place at the clients home, allowing the sessions to be convenient for you. However, if this is not suitable then an alternative location can be suggested.

I am new to Yoga/Pilates or Sports Massage, what should I expect?

Yoga/Pilates All sessions are tailored to your goals and ability to ensure that you get the most from your session. It is essential to ensure that you have enough space for the session to take place (if the session is taking place at your home) and wear comfortable clothing. All equipment will be provided. Sports Massage Sports Massage treatment will require you to wear comfortable clothing so that the therapist can access the muscle groups you wish to work on, for example, fronts and back of legs or back and neck. You will be draped with towels and blankets to keep you comfortable and warm. Enough space is required for the massage table and the therapist to work.

I have an Injury/Illness, can I still have a session/treatment?

It is highly important that you disclose any medical illnesses/injuries to the instructor/therapist before your Yoga/Pilates Session or Sports Massage Treatment. This is to ensure that session is tailored to your needs and is accessible for you. Health Questionnaires must be completed before a session/treatment. If you are experiencing a severe illness or injury, you may obtain permission from your GP or Health Professional.

How can I check the avaliability of sessions/treatments?

You can use the "chat" to enquire about avalibility or email hello@namasjay.co.uk