Welcome To NamasJay



For my very first blog I wanted to introduce myself, NamasJay and of course tell you what I have planned for NamasJay.



Let's begin by introducing myself. I'm Jay! Graduate from Cardiff Metropolitan University in Business Information Systems, yoga teacher and the founder of NamasJay. Information Systems and yoga? I know they are the complete opposite and would not usually intertwine together, however for me this fits and works well. I have been fascinated with technology since a young child and studied it from school until graduating from university. I never expected to become a yoga teacher or even start practicing yoga. I have experienced many benefits of yoga during my yoga journey. I am very lucky that I found the practice of yoga and meditation when I did, as at that point of my life, I needed it the most. 



During this time I was practicing and learning a lot of about yoga and meditation and became passionate about teaching this to others! Why? While studying Information Systems the pressures of life and university impacted me in a negative way; I was stressed, burnt out and mentally drained. This resulted in me taking a year out of university. During my time out of university I became very unwell and wanted to overcome this and get back to my studying. After searching for many therapies I came across yoga. At first, I thought it was just about different postures, and it was a relaxing type of class, but little did I know it was much more than this.



My first private session was the beginning of my yoga journey; I was so amazed at what you could do with your body with mental and physical strength. I wanted more! My excitement grew even more after trying a headstand in my first session. Many months later I became stronger physically and mentally, my mindset changed and so did the things around me. I grew closer to people who were supportive, active and kind. My focus increased dramatically, I could balance my stress and release it from my system allowing me to concentrate on what was important. I felt better than I had for a long time. 


believing and achieving 

I was achieving excellent grades in my assignments, I was motivated to graduate and to prove to myself and some others, that I could! Before I knew it I was graduating with a 2:1, along with a 1st in my dissertation which is now part of a conference paper. 

What I found was a tool, a journey, something that helped me heal and overcome any mental or physical blockages I had at that time. It allowed me to reach my full potential which is why I have qualified as a yoga teacher. I want to give back to students and others who may experience stress, poor concentration and mental health, which yoga and meditation could aid. 


a little about namasjay

NamasJay provides yoga and meditation classes to students, young professionals and others. Allowing one to release, distress, relax, unwind or even improve their physical health, whatever it is, I am here to guide them through the class. Each person who attends are on the journey to receive the benefits of the practice and whatever they require the most at the time.

I have a social objective to work alongside charities such as mental health charities and offer these methods that others can use as a tool. I hope to build an online community that brings online content to those who may not feel comfortable or confident to attend a class and can relax and learn at home in their surroundings. 

I hope that you enjoyed my rather long blog post.



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